2016 Class, Lebanon, TN

These are pictures of my class projects from the Woodcarvers Roundup held in Lebanon, Tennessee, March 2016. Each of the five week-days was a different project with a new instructor. The projects were all done from basswood (linden) rough-outs. The instructors provided an assortment of their own designs so we could choose a project that suited our carving experience level. There were 60 students with 12 in each class. The instructor’s names are shown in the caption.

Sitting Santa by Gary Falin (CCA).


Witch by Mitch Cartledge (CCA).


Old Ernel by Chris Hammack (CCA).


Smiley by Rich Wetherbee (CCA).



Sleeping Santa by PJ Driscoll (CCA).

3 thoughts on “2016 Class, Lebanon, TN

  1. Just excellent. It would be tough to vote for one over the other. Very nice work. I’m actually getting behind in my carving. My wife and I are redoing our water drainage in the back yard. 300 feet of trenching. My wife and I are using 4″ pipe and running all of our gutter downspouts down under ground. It just has me drained of any energy. At 64 years old I just don’t have the energy that I used to have. You have some excellent carvings here. Makes me want to get back at it.


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  2. Wow ,,They all turned out excellent..Really like your photography lecture also,lots of good info.Diffusing the light through the sheet is an idea i’m gonna use.Thanks a bunch ~~~~

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