Carved Thread Spools

Most of the work on the Wizard was done with a carving knife. Some early roughing out was done with a gouge. I want to thank Don Mertz for his carvings that were the inspiration for this Wizard.

This is supposed to be a hobbit. Most of the work was done with a knife. This guy was also inspired by the carvings of Don Mertz.


These guys preceded the Hobbit and Wizard. I figured if I could do these guys, I could do more detail.




I use a product called Howard’s Feed n’ Wax to protect the carving. It’s in liquid form and is applied directly to the wood with a small plastic paintbrush like you might find in a child’s paint box. I let the wax dry several hours and wipe the excess off with a cloth. I use a clean brush to remove wax deposits in deep spots not removed by the cloth.