Instructors I Have Had

Time spent with these instructors have lasted from ninety minute seminars to two weeks. I’ve taken multiple classes from many of the instructors.

Georg Keilhofer
Harold Enlow
Ronald Rondo
Jeff Phares
Phil Bishop
Vicki Bishop
Harley Schmitgen
Floyd Rhadigan
Steve Brown
Gary Falin
Jon Nelson
Gerald Sears
Peter Ortel
Dennis Thornton
Tom Wolfe
David Sabol
Mark Gargac
Pete LeClair
Vic Hood
Mike Shipley
John Burke
Wayne Shinlever
Bruce Henn
Keith Morrill
Desiree Hajny
Joe Schumacher
Dave Stetson
Mark Akers
Chris Hammack
Allen Goodman
Marvin Daniels
Mitch Cartledge
Steve Prescott
Don Mertz
Harley Refsal
Sandy Smith
Richard Wetherbee
Janet Cordell
Joe You
Ryan Olson
Dale Green
Dwayne Gosnell
Rodger Stegall
Jim Hiser
Ron Dowdy


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