My Largest Project

I began a project 12 years ago that took about 10 years to complete. Following a visit to the Pacific Northwest, I wanted to carve a totem pole. I approached the director of a church camp north of Pittsburgh and presented the idea. With his approval the search began for a suitable log and a pattern. After several years a poplar log was acquired and by then I had a design and a prototype carved. It wasn’t exactly a traditional design so I began referring to it as a theme pole. The theme was Noah’s Ark. The work site was 90 minutes from home and I was still working full time so progress was slow. You see here the finished project but for the full photo documentation of the project, click here. There captions and comments for each of the pictures.


3 thoughts on “My Largest Project

  1. Great, great, effort! It makes me tired just thinking of the work involved. It’s a far cry from the Bishop caricature carving class I attended with you, and others, at the Bob Barris Knot-Hole setting in WV. Your detail on those caricatures was awesome. Love your style of carving.

    Look forward to seeing more of your current work (caricatures, that is.) John McKenna

    • Thanks for the kind words. I don’t remember your name but then the last time I was at Bob’s was in the 90’s. I’m on my way to class in Lebanon, TN in a week or so. I should have more carvings to post soon.

  2. Wow, Dale, your carvings are great! I really enjoyed carving and spending time talking with you in Indiana. I hope our paths cross again in the near future.

    Allen Woods

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