Tool Tote

A friend and fellow club member, Russ Owen, designed a tool carrier that really appealed to me. With his permission, I built one for myself and made some modifications to better suit my needs. The two sides are held together, for transporting, by 4 rare earth magnets. The drawer in each of the sides is held in place with a rare earth magnet. The two sides are slid apart and positioned end-to-end to create an instant carving studio. I carry gloves, spare knives, diamond sharpening cards and other useful items in the drawers. There are openings in the handle pieces so the drawer contents can be viewed without removing the drawer. The drawer lids are plexiglass to make viewing of the contents possible. One of the pictures shows the tote covered with a vinyl “coat” to protect it from dust, rain and prying eyes.

The last picture shows a tip I got from a friend. If a knife does not have a tapered handle, but still drops  through a storage hole, I’ve added a short length of clear tubing slightly longer than the knife blade. The tubing inside the storage hole will support the handle without the blade reaching the wood at the bottom. This tubing is found at hardware stores and is sold by the foot. It’s inside diameter should be large enough for the blade to fit without sticking.
I’ve had several requests for plans to make a tool tote.   I do NOT have formal plans for building this tote and currently do not expect to prepare plans.  The length is 14 inches and the height is 11 and 3/4 inches.

Ready to transport

Removing one drawer

Ready to begin work

Vinyl protection from dust, rain and prying eyes

Tote with coat

Accommodate non-tapered handle

11 thoughts on “Tool Tote

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  2. Are there plans available for the tote? Steve Brown sent me a video of it and I would love to have one. Tell your friend he needs to market it. I want one.

    Beth D.

  3. I have been admiring your tool tote. Is it possible that you have construction plans and are willing to mail them out? I would be interested in making one myself. Please let me know if there is a fee for the plans. Thank you.

  4. Dale, My name is Rik Geis and I was at Renagade Roundup march of 2011. I also love your tote and would love to get one. this is my first coorespondance with you. I’m going back this spring also and can’t wait to carve with all those great teachers. I love your work as well and I will definetly be tapping you on the shoulder and introducing myself, who knows you might remember me.I’m from NewJersey.

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