The Captain

While taking a weekend class in 2006 with the Bishops, Vicki told me about the new class projects she was designing. The one that really caught my interest was a pirate bust. I ordered one to be sent home when the roughouts were available. The plan was to prepare the surface for the one day class I would take with the Bishops in March. As I worked on the piece, I decided to do a little carving, too. Before I knew it I had finished carving. I painted and mounted the piece and it was ready to show to Vicki in March. She and Phil encouraged me to enter the piece at the 2007 Woodcarving Congress show in Davenport, Iowa. Much to my surprise and delight,  I won 2 blue ribbons. The piece was entered in Group Q, Carvings from a Roughout. I received the first place award for that group and also for the Class (981 Humans). Here are some shots of the piece.


My Largest Project

I began a project 12 years ago that took about 10 years to complete. Following a visit to the Pacific Northwest, I wanted to carve a totem pole. I approached the director of a church camp north of Pittsburgh and presented the idea. With his approval the search began for a suitable log and a pattern. After several years a poplar log was acquired and by then I had a design and a prototype carved. It wasn’t exactly a traditional design so I began referring to it as a theme pole. The theme was Noah’s Ark. The work site was 90 minutes from home and I was still working full time so progress was slow. You see here the finished project but for the full photo documentation of the project, click here. There captions and comments for each of the pictures.